poem to my lesbian / gay / queer / bi / trans friends

you are loved
you are.

loved is not
general but
specific and

there is one you (YOU) without which
the world (round)
would dwindle and
decrease (flatten,
acquire finity, a horizon
to fall off, world with

and when I say
I also do not mean
tolerated, prayed at,
tokenized exoticized

contrary to the popular wisdom,
in the grand scheme, everything
matters – everything you are

and the places that are
stolen co-opted invaded
we will take them back
we will multiply them
we will raise them and then
dance in them.

every such place will have one name:
you are loved and you are loved and you are loved

let my
heart also
be such a house.

Jeanne Obbard received her bachelor’s degree in feminist and gender studies from Bryn Mawr College, and remains a feminist killjoy to this day. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in American Poetry Review, Anderbo, Atlanta Review, Barrow Street, EDGE, Philadelphia Stories, The Rumpus, and Prompted, an anthology. She tweets sporadically from @JeanneObbard and blogs even more sporadically at jeanneobbard.wordpress.com.