The Bulimia Years

Sound of ring clinking sink. Of faucet running
till warm water. Sound of toilette lid opening. Of human
heaving. Splash-of-water sound. More heaving: more splash.

Sound of toilette paper unloosening from squeaky roll.
Nose-being-blown sound. Silence. Sound of hand hitting wall.
Toilette flush. Muffled sound

of lid closing. Water-refilling-tank.Toilette-flushing-again sound.
Silence: throat clearing. Door opening

on rusty hinge. Sound girl makes as she stares into a mirror.

Sarah Neal McCurry received her MFA in Poetry Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Her poems in: North American Review; Stone Highway Review; The Ilanot Review; Anthem Journal; Almost Five Quarterly; Wilde, Sinister Wisdom, Wicked Alice; Hoot and elsewhere. Her chapbook Speak So It Anchors You is forthcoming in 2016. She teaches writing workshops for mental health consumers and resides outside Nashville, TN with her wife, four dogs and two cats.



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