The terribleness of every place on earth.
Anger at the ill.
My ambition to do nothing.
Why should I try anything if I don’t start on top?
I don’t want to see or be aware of anyone else.
To be a legend instead of learning something or improving.
I pray not to be infected by all these good deeds.
I pray to do no benefit.

Aria Riding is an existence now shared by several writers of different genders, persuasions, mental health states, and ethnic backgrounds. Through this experiment, she is trying to write a more complete author. Recent publications include Gargoyle Magazine, Atticus Books, The Adirondack Review, etc.

A. Riding is the author of “The Exhibitionists,” a series of interconnected triggers, or stories about the unspeakable present: the things we suppress, and continue to do while denying that we do them.

Riding never goes out, is never seen, but her emissaries run Psychomachia Theater (Seattle) and the dissident art/performance/butoh group Danse Perdue.