Oh limp-limbed and always hungry
zombie of mine! Who will you not be eating?
What a team we are, you and I, rotten face,
always moaning, always hazardous,
and now it’s the rotting brain meat of decorated
war vets: a forgotten bastion of the bloody soil
beneath them. With what ravenous hunger
you hunt the weak
and the numerous families supporting you!
Can you not be human? Can you not prey upon
something more sustainable? Who will care
for you, do you think, if you devour everything?
Must you consume everyone? Must you destroy everything?
Must you produce such horror everywhere?

This is a twist on the poem “Smell” by William Carlos Williams


David Bankson is a full-time autodidact and part-time computer geek with a lifelong passion for poetry, philosophy, and science. He also nurtures an unhealthy attachment to eggnog and Halloween, any time of year. His works have been featured online at Eat Sleep Write, Blue Dandelion, and Random Poet Tree. His favorite poets are John Ashbery and William Carlos Williams, though he’s secretly quite fond of Shel Silverstein. More of his work can be found at


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