Three-Minute Affair

Good evening ladies,
you should join us for drinks.

You should dance with us
so we can’t talk

about your job and forget it
when the words leave your mouth.

You should dance with us
so we can’t see your eyes

and ourselves
when we land in your gaze.

You should turn toward us
when we hold cigarettes

to let their small clip of fire
light your face.

And you should dance with us
around carta blanca tables

that remind us
of that diaspora feeling

which reminds us
of your face blown apart

into so many seeds.

FullSizeRenderLeah Tieger is a graduate of Bennington College, a freelance writer, and a fiction and poetry reader for The Boiler. Her work has not been published before, so Thank You for Swallowing can say they discovered her. She is okay with that.

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