The Cure is a Rock Band, Not Semen

I say have a headache
My back hurts

He offers a cure:
Swallow my cum.

I forgot to take my multivitamin.
Sperm has protein.

I’m on a diet.
A tablespoon of spooge has 4 calories.

I used to swallow.
Got laryngitis every time.

He probably enjoyed my silence.
That’ll shut you up.

Jillian M. Phillips is a poet and karaoke junkie from Northwestern Wisconsin. Her work has appeared in Nonbinary Review, Silver Apples Magazine, Heavy Feather Review, and others. Her chapbook, Pretty the Ugly, was published by ELJ Publications. She is also the founder and managing editor of Villainess Press and its online journal, The Plot. Jillian earned her MFA from the University of Nebraska’s MFA-in-Writing program.



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