Three Poems for The Runaways

Poem for Sandy Fuchs

she just laughed at me
when I reached out a hand
her eyes were sad but

all she said was
what did you expect
when you’re jailbait sixteen

I would have saved you if it happened
it’s our fault your fault not mine
and what if he hears you

Poem for Lita Ford

walk away then
like you always do   alone

groomed for a gaze

you weren’t there
you didn’t know

close your eyes
you gotta close your eyes
for me

Poem for Cherie Currie

this is not even my final form
breaking as she was broken

how the story goes
who would believe

stillness is how they catch you

WP_20150713_010H. V. Cramond is the poetry editor for and a co-founder of Requited Journal, where she takes pleasure in rejecting submissions addressed to Mr. Cramond.  She co-wrote Tenure Track with Cayenne Sullivan and is so co-dependent she had to have someone else take her selfie.