What I Say When People Remark on My Husband Keeping His Maiden Name

Well, of course I wish he had agreed to take
my last name – I mean, what’s wrong with my name,
isn’t it good enough for him? Doesn’t he want
to belong to my family
? And why would he keep
that guttural last name of his, when mine is so
much more musical

I mean, I guess I understand – he’d already
been using that name professionally for
a while, and it’s such a pain to change over
all those documents. But other husbands do it;
if he really loved me, and accepted me as his wife,
he would too. The bills are so much harder this way,
not to mention nametags at cocktail parties.

I think, though, that this is just a phase,
and he’ll mature out of it. When we have
children, then he’ll take my name.
After all, won’t he want to have
the same name as our kids

Duckface IISonja Johanson has had a big-ass problem with the patriarchy since forever, and delights in challenging assumptions and questioning everything. Sonja lives in MA with several cats/writing assistants, all of whom refused to take part in the duckface selfie, even when she tried to bribe them with tuna fish, because it is really hard for cats to make a duckface.


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  1. I’m not the only one who feels like husbands should take wives last names! Great post.

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