tell me if your hands are hungry – & peel back the skin – banana phalange – decisions made to – hand me skirtneath – unrestrained palm mold in gentle violence upon berry blush sting – take me into your blood palms – i shatter into thousands of spiders – confess: everything is hungry – & we turn into monsters – i scream into your blood palms – hand me – beware: a growl a howl – then night – when my throat goes sore – needle finger the sides of my blood river valley – make me whole in the most unholy ways – i rise as the queen of fire – better to tighten up & bleed as you take back into your hands – everything that i know.

imageCourtney Leigh is the bowhunter of White Stag Publishing. You can read more of her work in Ginosko, MadHat Lit, The Doctor TJ Eckelburg Review, and forthcoming in The East Bay Review.