I have read your poems. They are revolutionary,
artful, and your use of shock value is tres original.
If you’re open to some constructive criticism, allow me:
nobody is shocked by misogyny anymore.
We came of age with magazines blaring women in blenders.
We heard other poets channel the last words of a mass murderer
who blamed women for it all. Every last one of us
has had to say no louder, sharper than we wanted to
just to get out intact, only to second-guess ourselves after.
In one poem, you brutally fuck a woman who is dead now
by her own hand. She was an artist who loved mirrors and sand
and she taught us how a body can bridge life and dream.
Maybe you like to write about brutalizing her
because this is what you do when confronted with a woman
who is smarter, better than you.
I read your poem again and imagine you pinning her down
and her laughing not because your dick is small
but because you never did get over that
so you thrust harder inside of her, only to hear her say
Sweetie, that’s been done before.


Erin Lyndal Martin is a writer and artist currently based in Madison, WI. Her poems have appeared in Requited, Typo, DIAGRAM, PANK, Guernica, and others.

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